Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Kyla's 2nd birthday!! Yes, it was in MAY!

The above picture is of Kyla cuddling with Nana Di in the blanket after her pre-birthday party bath!!

Yes, it was in May, but yes, Mama has been running around like crazy since school ended- as we are closing on our new house today (Wednesday, June 29th) and I've been packing, trying to get to the gym, trying to catch up on DVR'ed non-important but important-to-me shows, visiting family up North, going out with friends, having play dates, and again, packing.

So Kyla Whitney had her big 2nd birthday bash on the weekend following her 2nd birthday, on May 19. We had a bash at home, and were so excited to have a few friends from daycare and a few friends from the neighborhood, as well as family, join us.

The day started out hot and humid and pouring rain. I was devastated that all the outdoor activities I had prepared (new roller coaster riding toy, bubbles galore, wagons, bikes, etc.) would have to be put on hold and everyone would have to squeeze into our house for the party. However, begging for prayers worked! The skies stopped pouring out rain and instead, the sunshine took over an hour before the party began! Thank you, God! It was gorgeous! A bit on the humid side, but gorgeous, nonetheless!

My parents and Chris and I were flying around all day- cleaning, picking up supplies and food, cake, etc., decorating and oh yes, cleaning! LOL Nana Di could not stop even upon my telling her to STOP and sit down, but we were so thankful for their help! We had a basic lunch of Hot dogs and baked ham for sandwiches, rolls, fruit, veggies, chips and dips, and baked beans. Keifer pretty much decided the lunch- she told me that maybe Elaine (their daycare provider)could make some beans to bring because she makes the best beans! LOL My mom did the beans, and they were fabulous!

The party guests arrived and the day was gorgeous! The kids enjoyed riding on their toys I had suggested they bring, as well as our toys that we own. Here is Miss Birthday girl herself, in profile enjoying a juice box, while her friends and their families look on.

Obligatory family picture - per Mama's request! :)
Buddies! Keifer's fave neighborhood girls, sissies Brynlee and Teah, and our friend, Aidan!
Kyla and Eddie: friends forever. She was trying SO HARD to help pull his car along. She eventually figured out that pushing him worked better! :)
Keifer ready to ride in the wagon with Eddie. My niece and nephew (Abby and Mason) worked hard on providing wagon rides for all the kiddies!
Sager welcoming you to the house with the "Barn Yard" theme! :)
Most of the kids squeezed in around our table! What a fun sight this was! Keifer and Kyla were in hog heaven with their friends at their house!
Everyone loved Kyla's birthday gift from Mama and Daddy.
The birthday girl enjoying her cake! I am NOT kidding when I tell you this girl had 2 pieces of cake and ate every last piece. She was literally the LAST ONE at the table, enjoying HER cake!
Sweetest 2 year old ever!? I think so!
Mama yakking away, as usual, and waiting for the only child left inside to finish her cake! LOL
Aidan was very excited to help Kyla enjoy her birthday wishes!
We opened the few presents later- I am a mean Mama: I requested no presents, as my girls are spoiled beyond belief, but some people still gifted her! :)
The cake! We put the invite on the cake- as all the kids apparently enjoyed her invite that Mama came up with and my friend made!
There are so many, many, MANY more pictures, but that's enough for one post, yes? :)


LutherLiz said...

Thanks for the awesome party Kyla and Kyla's mom! We had a great time!


Heather said...

Happy Birthday, Kyla!!!


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