Sunday, May 15, 2011

"You're so big!" "I know, I always wanted to be big!"

The title of this post is actually an exchange I had with Keifer not too long ago. She is pretty sure of herself these days (most days). She's also our little goofball, and loves to be silly. Especially if anyone is giving Kyla ANY sort of attention: then the funny girl come out, because then you can't NOT look at her as well!
I picked up this super cool (in her eye) Big Wheel at a consignment sale for next to nothing. I also got K2 a Radio Flyer trike for her riding pleasure, but she (K2) just wants to throw balls around, for now. Keifer, however, loves the Big Wheel. It gives her something to exchange with her Dora bike (that she is quickly outgrowing! Gasp!) and her Princess Scooter, below. Don't you love how everything you try to buy for a child has to have a character on it? I mean, I'm not OPPOSED to Princess scooter or something with a character if K1 or K2 doesn't care, but for once, why can't I just choose between purple or pink instead of Sponge Bob or Dora?
Home with Daddy on this day. She had the norovirus for a week, that was good times (NOT). And yes, she picked her own clothes out here.
~~Another day, Keifer woke up from her nap and came walking downstairs. She asked me with awe in her voice: "Did you clean the carpets? The hallway looks FANTASTIC! It's so clean!!"
LOL. Oh girl, I wish we had the carpets cleaned! LOL

~~ My favorite K1 funny of late: "Mom, I know when we're going to California Disney (we are ! In October!). OCTOBER (she was right!)."
I asked her how she remembered that! Her response: "I have good minds. Wanna see some of my good minds?" She then stopped, looked at me, then had her eyes look to the right, blinked her eyes super fast a lot of times, and made a silly face. "See my minds? I have LOTS of mind!"

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