Monday, June 06, 2011

Taking thing literally! *things K1 said*

So Princess K of the Milky Way. Last week at dinner, she dropped her cup onto the floor. "Oops", she said, "Oh Lord, thank you! You gave me the cup, to drop on the floor!".
Are you scratching your head? I was. LOL At least she is a thankful little person.

Posing for Papa Dale in her Birthday Crown, that she worked so hard on.
Grinning because Nana Di got her a new dress. She is obsessed with wearing dresses lately. I shopped a consignment sale last month, and THOUGHT I got plenty of dresses for her to wear. Apparently not enough; she goes through them like water.
During the day, before Kyla's birthday party started a few weeks back, Nana Di was singing, "Heaven, I'm in heaven.....".
Keifer looked at her, very sternly, and said, "No we're NOT, we're in Lakeville!"
*Hurmpf* Yeah, Nana, get your locations right!

Also a few weeks back, I was trying to start the explanation process about how Auntie Mooshie helped mommy be able to have Keifer be inside my belly to grow. I was talking about the "special eggs" and how she gave us part of her, so that we could all make her. Keifer looked up at me, astonished and quietly asked, stunned, "She helped, with GOD?"
Yep, baby, God was certainly a huge part of that process, wasn't he!

Because our girl is right smack dab in the curious stage of HOW things get made, and right now, she is really into God,and how God made our teeth , and he made our hair, and how God made us to be kind to people, to love each other (that's mama trying to influence her to be a kind and empathetic person). This message is really getting into her head, because many times Keifer has pondered where God lives, what does he look like, and (really!) when is He going to come down to our house and visit?

Man, the things she says hit me right in the heart.

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Wendy and Karen said...

Catching up on all your great posts. I love how God is in Keifer's life. And I'm loving her groovy crown!


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