Saturday, May 21, 2011

Kyla's 2nd Bday: The Day of (and some stats!)

Last Thursday morning, I woke up Kyla in her crib. She had her foot up on the side (she's a lounger) and she covered her eyes and WOULD NOT make a happy face for the camera! She peeked, but no posing! Wake up, sleepy head! Happy BIRTHDAY, to my baby girl! Two years old!
We got her dressed, all cute, and she put on her own sunhat, albeit a bit tight on her Soupy melon head. She was NOT into posing, as you can see.
I took the girls to daycare, and they had a fantastic day! Kyla was "Child of the Day", so she not only had a "happy birthday' sticker on her back, but she got the "child of the day" one, as well. Big hot shot! They had a great day, and then it was time for cookies (yum) and singing to her. I missed the singing by about 2 minutes,but was there to enjoy cookies and ice cream cones (mini-ones!) with my girls and their friends! That night, we just hung out and did a family walk. Kyla had no idea what was going on, so it was OK to start cleaning the house for the family that was about to descend upon our house on Friday!

Elaine had her birthday stickers up in the window upon our arrival!
My girl, with her Elaine Birthday Crown, enjoying her time in the spot light!
Some of her daycare friends (and sissy across from her!)
Enjoying her balloon from Papa Joel (Elaine's hubby)
Taking her time and enjoying each and every gift from Elaine and the card that Jack & his mom made her! :)
Big sissy was pretty excited for her baby sis!
Friday AM, Keifer and I took Kyla to Dr. J for her 2 year check up! She is doing well, despite having had 2 ear infections since her tubes in January. So far, the ears are cleared up again, and she "seems" to be doing well! Her language has certainly exploded! She's telling us stories all the time, in her slow, methodical way. She takes little breaths (or pauses) between words, to generate the words, but is able to communicate very effectively! I especially love when she tells me what is going on at home (ie: narrates, such as "Keifer, cry" or "Daddy, pull, Keifer, off!".

She is in the 75%ile all around for HEIGHT, WEIGHT and head circumference. Hard to believe that 2 years ago my baby was a little peanut preemie. Now she's growing so fast!

29 lbs -- 75%ile
34 1/2 inches long - 75%ile
Head is 19 cm - 75%ile

We had a wonderful birthday party on Saturday with family and some friends. Kyla was in heaven all afternoon with her friends and toys around her, and I'll post pictures this week!

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Heather said...

Happy Birthday, Kyla! Great stats. Of course you are above average!


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