Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Meeting CARS!

Thank Goodness I've started listening to Talk Radio these days! Yesterday, on my drive to get my hair freshly colored, I heard that the characters from "Cars" and the upcoming "Cars 2" would be posing for a meet and greet at our beloved MOA for one day only!
EEKS! I thought! Keifer adores watching the movie cars, and would LOVE to meet Lightening, up close and personal!
So, after I had my hair colored and trimmed up (love it, fresh red and copper), I picked up the girls, and raced over to the MOA. Luckily, the lines weren't so bad,and we waited about 20 minutes to "meet" the new character Finn, Lightening, and our favorite, Tow Mater.

No, we didn't really "MEET" them, per say. They were just regular size cars that started up, but didn't talk. LOL. But I had Keifer all excited to meet them. She was really excited to see them, but her excitement pretty much waned after waiting in line. She posed for the free pictures, and as you can see, Kyla really could've cared less, as well! But it was a fun experience, anyways.

After the posing, I told Keifer if she continued to behave, we'd go eat dinner together (as daddy was stuck at a computer programming workshop), and then we'd walk around the Park (aka amusement park), and look at all the ride. We enjoyed a highly overpriced Mexican dinner together, at a restaurant that overlooked the park - it kept Keifer entertained throughout the dinner (watching roller coasters through the large glass window next to our booth), and we did then enjoy a stroll through the Park. Both girls held a hand of mine, and they both giggled and swooned over the loud and noisy rides. Kyla even started talking to the Dora statue!
I told Keifer she did such an excellent job of behaving for me this time, that perhaps me and her daddy would take the girls after daycare on Friday for a "rides" visit! Let's hope the good behavior continues!

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DaisyGal said...

oh that is so cute, look at those amazing pictures. The girls are getting so big. I just want to hug all of you.


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