Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Look Mom: new shoes!

I ordered the girls new sandals last week, as Kyla had found a too-small pair in my "getting ready to sell" bin, and decided she NEEDED to wear them all around the house, all day long.
I found them each a pair at the site and oh MY! The deals they have on this site! If you hit this site on a good day, you too can own 2 pair of Umi sandals for little girls for less than $50 - and 3 pair of sandals for Mom (including 2 pair of Born and 1 Keen) with shipping for only around $80! Insane, I tell you!
So anyhoo, once the box with the new shoes was opened, Kyla has not taken her sandals off. She resists to her full extent any attempts at taking them off her feet. And that includes when she is wearing FOOT PJ's.Yes, my girl stuffs her PJ -clad feet INTO the sandals. And yes, she looks adorable!

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