Sunday, February 20, 2011

My Vday gifts

Above - my silly K1 is gift #1. As always, my first-born girl owns a big chunk of my heart. Especially when she writes me personalized, homemade Valentine's cards that say: "Mommy, I love you" on the front, and inside (as told to Elaine, our daycare provider): "I love to go to the mall with you tomorrow. Love, Keifer"
Then she signed her name all by herself (pretty darn good if I do say so myself), and added plenty of decorations.

Our girl was obsessed with making sure her homemade Vday cards for her daycare friends this year were nice and SPARKLY - so she had daddy drive her around the night before for "Sprinkles" because Mommy didn't buy any and make her happy. Daddy made the card that Mommy designed (Justin "Beaver" on the front, inside saying "Baby, baby, baby, won't you be my Valentine?"), and together, my crew found glitter glue that made K1 very happy. They sat and painted their cards for quite some time on Sunday night.

My Valentine's gift #2 is shown below, decked out in her Valentine party outfit. Yes, those are hearts on her pants and hearts on her furry vest! Oh, how I love to dress my girls for festive occasions. Kyla had no clue what the big deal was about heart day, but she loved wearing hearts on her outfit and apparently loved getting cards and gifts from her daycare pals. She loved them so much, she kept ripping her bag trying to figure out what they were! For Kyla's card this year, I printed out some black & white cards I found on family fun's website and Kyla colored each and every one herself! I love to have my kids put their own touch on cards we make for others!

And below is the gift that my K1 and Daddy came home with, after searching for sprinkles the night before Vday itself. Apparently, when Keifer saw these flowers in the store, she insisted that Daddy buy them for me. When they arrived home, she was beyond pumped to present them to me, and was so giggly and happy, my heart was about to burst with love for this little drama girl! The best part about her 'getting' holidays is the joy she experiences to the extreme in celebrating them! For about a week, she told CJ and I both that we were HER Valentine! (*swoon*) and she kept telling us she loved us out of the blue. Not that THAT is unusual (we are lucky) but it was so sweet the way she realized that the holiday was all about love.

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