Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Whirling, twirling, ready to fall down

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. I have lists of things that I want to share with you. NEED to get out of my head and onto the computer (written). It's my therapy.
Alas, lately, life doesn't want me to get my things done. Oh, no. I get things done. Things like cleaning the kitchen counter tops off, making breakfasts and lunches and dinners, and keeping up with dishes and TRYING so very hard to keep up with laundry, which is endless, isn't it? And I SUPPOSE I could do my blogging at night, when the kids FINALLY get to bed, but then 1) Keifer isn't going to bed without ME these days and I end up passing out along side her due to being tired, or 2) I'm too tired and brain dead after busy days, and 3) what little time I get, I try to see my hubby (ha, rarely!), or I catch up quickly on emails, blog reading, and Facebook.

Work is insane. I've gotten 3 new kids on my caseload (I teach early childhood special education) and suddenly, I've been notified that 3 more will be coming down the pipeline, on top of the 2 that will start after Christmas. Ahhh, paperwork. It's endless. I love my job, but the paperwork part of it is endless and stresses me out to no end. Time lines. AHHH.

The girls. So much to say- Keifer has been just a riot with her language lately. Kyla had her 18 month check up last month and I Have pictures and stats to share. They are at home. Along with half the things I forget to grab- like my PM snack? Yeah, in the cupboard at home. Oops.

Keifer and Kyla and their sickness continue. Keifer has actually been pretty good lately, I think partly because she is getting older and the sickies are making her immune system stronger. Kyla, on the other hand. Poor Kyla. She is currently on ear infection #8 (or is it 9? I honestly don't know). Yesterday, I was told her left ear was full of "pus", after being completely clear last Monday only. We have (FINALLY) an appointment with an ENT on December 30. Can I wait that long? I have to, if I want my bill to be paid (ie; staying within my insurance network), but the pain of watching HER struggle with pain is awful. And knowing her language isn't as clear as it should be- most likely because her right ear is constantly filled with fluid - makes me frustrated and sad. It makes sense that her language sounds "sloshy" to me. Yesterday, for the first time, she said "cow" clear as a bell and I rejoiced. COW! She says words like "mama, daddy, mommy, sis, sage, bye bye, me, mine, sock (saw), shirt, etc" but it warmed my heart to finally her some more understandable language coming from her, other than the "routine" language that most kids have, you know?

Poor girl also had a fever for 2 days, along with mouth sores, that is a virus. Keifer was OK, but woke up last night burning up with the same virus. Lovely. As always, my stress about work sick days (taking them) is sky high already, as I only get a certain amount, and I panic about 1) taking too many (but I have to, they're my kids) and 2) because I worry about my SCHOOL kids and their education program, etc. even though my coworkers are fabulous and always do fine. Guilt. Mommy guilt.

More to say, pictures to share, but thank goodness I ordered our Christmas cards (finally). For the first time, I went "Retail" and used Snapfish. I used Coke points (they add up and I 've gotten fabulous things from redeeming the points), so I used my (and Chris's) points for free snapfish cards. However, you cannot group them together, nor can you pick up (for no shipping charges). So I ended up paying a ton in shipping charges just for my "free cards". I usually have my friend Taryn design something and then print it out at Sam's. That will most likely be what I do next year "Saving" a buck for cards this year ended up NOT saving money like I thought it would.

Anyhoo. I have to run, but know my heart and head are in my blog land, but my time is limited. Thanks for understanding!


Heather said...

Boy do I ever understand! I'm out of sick days at work, as I've taken them all for my kids. And the twins are always sick at the same time, as they have to put their mouth on every toy they have.

Jeni said...

Add to all of that it being the craziest time of the year. I always think I will get thing done when life slows down. I am starting to think it's not going to slow done for a loooong time :). No fun with the sickies, hope those clear up soon. Poor Kyla with the ears, hopefully the ENT has some answers. Hang in there, we all know how it is :)


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