Thursday, December 16, 2010

A main street Christmas celebration!

A few weeks ago, our city sponsored a family outing, on "main street", the small one road downtown that signifies the older part of the city versus the new, sprawling suburbs.
Keifer was beyond excited to attend this holiday party and be able to investigate exactly what went INTO a holiday celebration "Down on main street".
Mom and Dad were curious how this would turn out, as well, as now both girls are freaked out at the mere sight of Santa Claus, so there would be (yay) no waiting in a 1/2 hour line to see the Man in Red. Face painting? Nope. Keifer doesn't like anything put on her face. Hmmm. OK. Should we go see Mrs. Claus read some stories and teach some crafts? Not interested. Hmm. OK, then. What DID we do at the party? Nothing INSIDE, I can tell you that much.

So......we went outside and we peered into the smallest cage possible for 2 live Reindeer, who looked completely miserable (which broke my heart). Keifer wasn't too interested in the Reindeer, but Kyla was curious.
Kyla "ohhhing" at the sight of the Reindeer, stuck inside their tiny corral.
We cheered Kyla on, as this was the first time she (finally) felt confident enough to tromp around in her winter boots! Go, baby, go! Go, she did....she didn't want us stopping her! Believe me, she told us. In her screams whenever we lifted her up and tried to bring her with us anywhere we went!
Taking a turn at looking at Dasher and Dancer
Along the way, we not only ran into our good friends (neighbors) with Hayden and JJ., but we also spent some time with Keifer's buddy, Brandt, and his parents and baby sister. Here, Keifer and her partner-in-crime were SO excited to be waiting in line to ride behind the horses, Sam and Sally.
The two pals also found that orange cones are pretty damn exciting to 3 year olds.
Ahhh, a joyous family picture while taking our horse-drawn- wagon ride. (hee hee)
Daddy & his baby girl
Screeching banshee child "STOP"
When we first loaded onto the wagon, the entire crowd sitting with us were quite entertained when Keifer and Brandt spontaneously (yes, on their own!) broke into a rousing rendition of "Jingle Bells". The got quite a few cheers and some clapping, and of course, I missed the singing - dammit! See, I got the tail end of it HERE.

Ahh, yes. The fun in the cold. We were all frozen, despite all our winter gear, so after this ride, we were done. We said our goodbyes to Brandt and his family. Cutest thing ever? As were were leaving, Keifer suddenly stopped, ran back to the door, opened and screamed "Brandt, Brandt!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!"
"SAME TO YOU" he screamed back at her. These 2 three year olds crack me up!!

We headed home to drop off Daddy and Kyla, and then me and K1 hit our local library. We spent over an hour, looking at books, hopping up and down on bean bags in the back corner of the library, and spent time saying hello to people who were seeking some peace and quiet, rather than a chatty 3 year old.

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