Monday, November 15, 2010

Hair today; gone tomorrow!

This was Keifer, a few weeks ago, right before we left for a birthday party where she got to dress up like a puppy in her Halloween costume. She let me (I say "let" because it's an unknown each day whether she will let me touch her head of hair or not) put in pony tails- they were her 'puppy ears' for under her hood.

Keifer has the most gorgeous color hair in person- pictures don't do it justice. It's this beautiful mix of auburn, blond, and brown. I adore it. You couldn't pay enough to get hair that color. And when it's clean, and just combed, and fresh - it hangs so beautifully, you just want to sit and admire it; well, I do, as her mom. I love it so much.

I always loved playing with hair. My Barbie dolls had many hairdos before I took scissors to the majority of them, as well as markers, and made them into funky, punk rock Barbies. Having 2 girls made me excited to be able to buy clips,and pony holders, and be able to play with hair, weaving braids and combing it into ponies, and clipping back bangs.

Wouldn't you know it? My Keifer Lynn has a very hard time with us fixing her hair. It's a struggle each and every morning to let us comb her hair, which always looks like a bomb went off (or as it's commonly called: Bed Head (hair)). I usually end up chasing her, screaming and bribing, to let mommy run a comb through it. We debate each morning on one pony or two, because we have to have a pony or a barrette each day, as her bangs would start at the back of her head if we didn't let the top part try to grow longer to eventually flip over to the side.
Usually, a pony is put in, but by the end of the day, she has ripped the pony out, and she looks like a rag-a-muffin. Remember that word? LOL.
So I had an appointment for K1 and I to get our hair cut. Lately, her hair cuts have been my stylist Betsy simply thinning her hair out. Just thinning this girl's thick head of hair, leaves so much hair on the ground, it's unbelievable. Mommy is jealous (being of the fine-haired majority). But this time,Keifer told me she wanted to cut her hair short. She insisted she wanted short hair and told everyone about her upcoming haircut, and that she was going to cut it short (as if they were interested? LOL). So she did. Cut it short.

In the chair, halfway through the hair cut that cost us 10 dum dum suckers just to get it done. My girl has issues with her hair getting cut.
Yep, blue tongue from the blueberry sucker.
Letting Betsy try to hurry and finish the cut before another meltdown ensues.
The finished product: A cute, short bob that suits my girl's sassy personality. Short and sassy.
It is very KEIFER -this hair cut. And we love it on her. It frames her adorable moon-shaped face.
More soon on my girl's sensory issues. She has "issues"with hair cutting, brushing teeth, nail cutting, loud noises, movie theaters, and just regulating her body in general. More soon!


DaisyGal said...

Ohhhhhhhh Carrie, I LOVE's perfect. She looks beautiful!

Jacob also has "issues" with getting his hair cut, getting dressed in the morning and me cutting his nails..I know all about Ragamuffins ;)

but now , Keifer looks like a little doll. :)

Faye said...

LOVE IT!!! And I love that you're still going to Betsy. :) Tell her I said HI next time you're in there!!!


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