Thursday, November 18, 2010

First snow

This past weekend, it snowed here in MN! SNOW! GLORIOUS SNOW!!! Keifer was beyond excited! She looked out the window first thing that AM, and practically peed her pants with joy! (No, not really, but to say she was excited is an understatement).
That AM, we had a dentist appointment (#2 for Keifer! YAY FOR MY BIG GIRL!). Mama fought the nasty weather and awful roads to get to her appointment, luckily in one piece. After that, K1 had her weekly AB3's dance class, and on the way home from that, I promised her once we got home and ate lunch, she could FINALLY go outside to play!
And play she did! Her daddy got bundled up with her, and took her out to explore the WET, deep snow!
Our girl was a bit nervous on the BIG hills near our house, so they stuck to sliding on the "little" hill
Walking in a winter wonderland
Sick sissy and the fur siblings watch with jealousy
Making their very first snow man together!
Or, I should say, Daddy made the snowman!
Afterwards, Keifer told both sets of Papa's and Nana's that she made them ALL a snowman! How sweet is that! Poor snowman, though, his baby carrot nose fell off and got gobbled up by Sager and Treble has done his pee pee business on there more than once. What a snowy life!

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