Thursday, September 09, 2010

A July weekend jam packed with fun

Back in July, we did another long weekend at Nana Dian & Papa Dale's house and had so much fun. The sleeping was MUCH better for both girls, maybe because 1) Kyla didn't have a double ear infection - that I found out about later -ha - and 2) Daddy came up for the last 2 nights and we split the parent/sleeping duties! *yay*.

Keifer had a ball playing some more with Wyatt ( my brother's girlfriend's son) and we did a lot of playing at the zoo and on the beach and in Canal Park. It's so fun to go back to my hometown and play tourist there with my kids; places I never appreciated growing up are suddenly super awesome to visit with my girls and I'm always so excited to show them off and experience them from the girls' points of view. Keifer is completely enthralled with giant Lake Superior, and now, whenever we drive and see a lake somewhere, she thinks it's "Lake Superior??".

Daddy and I also had a great dinner and movie date that weekend, and it was so nice to be out and relaxed.
This time, Keifer also got to see nature in our own backyard, literally. While going out to eat with Nana & Papa, she saw 3 deer in the front yard next door. How cool!

As you will see- I got a lot of pictures of the BACK of K1's head- that would be because she is just such a busy girl these days so therefore there are hardly any chances that she might stop and pose for the camera!

Our little Fairy girl playing dollies with Nana
Playing at "the park" next door (aka swing set!)
Our Fairy Girl can fly!
Testing out our new van's third row seating by adding Wyatt to the mix! On our way to the Zoo!
Keifer learning the finer points of chasing sea gulls from Wyatt
Align Center
Wy-guy, Keifer and Kyla with Papa Dale at the beginning of our Zoo visit.
Kyla was excited to go and chill out!
Wy & K1 got to touch and talk about "Putz" the Turtle
A real life Llama! One of our favorite books is "Llama Llama Red Pajama"
Sweet hearts feeding the goats
Kyla thought the donkey was sooo funny
It was a hot and super sweaty day, as you can see....lion and lioness in the background!
CJ and I took the kiddos down to Park Point, the beach on Lake Superior. Normally, the water is frigid and bone chillingly cold, but that day it was amazing and warm! The kids LOVED the water! CJ played with them...
...while Kyla crawled around and ate a lot of sand!
She also played with some sticks!
Hot dog lunch after swimming.....
..and then some MORE fun at the rock beach! Watch out for flying rocks, Wyatt!
My favorite pic of my two April bday buddies (they were born on the same day, one year apart)
After the beach, we came home and the older kids helped Papa walk our puppers
Kyla got some more loving from daddy
And then K1 and Wy-guy chilled out a little. Were they tired? You think so?
Uncle Darren and his God-Daughter!

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