Thursday, September 02, 2010

Games! Board Games!

Being a girl who loves to be structured and on the go, Keifer also loves to play games. She adores playing Uno with anyone and everyone (and is really VERY good at the game, if I do say so myself), and loves to play memory and matching games. She is also really into comparing words to see if they RHYME or not ("Library, library, that's a rhyme, right Mama?"). Well, they are the SAME WORD, but you get the drift...she is really catching on to all these fun language lessons in life, and games. Ahh, games. She received a ton of really great board games for her birthday in April, and bad mama, I hid them away and completely forgot about them until a few weeks ago (having 2 children and 2 dogs has since done that to my brain).
Anyhoo, I took our Candy Land last week and low and behold, a new obsession has been found. Keifer wakes up wanting to play the game, and is already quite masterful of strategy - as in how she can somehow convince the other player to 1) switch players IF the other player is ahead of her person, 2) reshuffle the deck to have better options for getting ahead, and 3) maybe just putting the other person's player away if she feels like it. LOL. I've been trying to teach her to be a positive and cooperative "team player", if you will, and giving her lots of model language, such as "oh man,I had to go all the way back to the gingerbread man, but that's OK, I'll catch up", or "you're winning, you're doing a great job playing". Things like that. It's quite funny to see her try to tell herself that it's OK that she isn't winning- such an internal struggle with herself.

Here she is playing with her beloved 9 year old cousin Abby the other night: I think Abby was quite impressed with my 3 year old's skills! I myself was quite impressed with how fast she caught on to the rules of the game- but I think Keifer THRIVES on rules, so it's a good thing for her (hopefully!)

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