Wednesday, August 04, 2010

My girls: in my heart, on my sleeve forever

Growing up, secretly,or not so secretly, I was in love with hair bands. I loved the rock and roll edge,the punk rock glamour to it all, and didn't have a clue about the seedy, druggy, sex and drugs underside. I also loved /love the tatted up rockers - with their arm sleeves of color and pictures, or the tattoos that mean SOMETHING or maybe not. Later in life, as an adult, I'm a teacher, and so I cannot portray the visual art side of me as prominently as maybe I would want to. I would/will see people (women and men) who have tattoos that are cool to me, and I get this little charge that goes through me: I want one.

In 1999, I got a tattoo on my lower back. A Taurus symbol - for my birth month. It is ME. It means something significant to ME. Coming through the symbol is my favorite flower- cheesey, perhaps, but it is a flower. A tulip. I've even got Keifer trained - she lets people know the tulip is mama's FAVORITE flower.
In 1999, the tattoo artist did a horrible job. I always knew I wanted to fix it, but would wait until post-birth to do that. So I did it, last week. I found a wonderful tattoo artist who is amazing (by word of mouth). He fixed my back tattoo and I am in awe of it.I love it.

As for my girls, I knew I wanted something to symbolize my heart on my sleeve. My love. My girls, my LIFE, literally.

So, yesterday.....I did it. I got my girls tattooed on my arm/wrist FOREVER. Forever. I cannot stop looking at the tattoo.I adore it. I love it. I am so in awe of it. It is 2 K's next to each other, to symbolize my 2 K girls. However, once you look at it, you can clearly see the differences in the swoops and swirls of the K's. Same,but different. Just like my girls: same (sisters, family, K names) but oh so different. No, it didn't hurt as badly as you might think. Not as badly as my back, which is surprising, as I had more fat pad on my back! It went so very quickly.
And as for being prominently displayed, well, the spot is perfect for cover up with jewelry if I want, or for a long sleeve to be pulled over it. However, due to my work, I RARELY wear jewelry and to me, this IS art and decoration. At first glance, it's a design. So I'm not shameful of it. I'm proud.
Also it appears bigger than it really is in the picture. It is inside my wrist, and it's pretty small - the picture makes it appear bigger.
Sager sniffing it, wondering where SHE fits into these K's. Soon enough, Sager...mama has plans for her fur kids in a little while.....hee hee......
My old Taurus symbol with a broomstick (I MEAN) tulip coming through it.
And the new tattoo, fixed up to a color that isn't hideous and the flower fixed into a flower that resembles: a Tulip!

My kudos to Tommy at 5.5.5 Studios in Minneapolis. The dude is talented, quick, and amazing. And a super cool guy to boot!


DaisyGal said...

oh wow, Carrie, it's gorgeous!!!!! sooo pretty!!! I love it

Jeni said...

Fun! I totally have plans for a tattoo for my boys, I just need to find a place on my body that isn't an unpleasant location for it's display. The tummy is now out as you can imagine :).

foxy said...

visiting from the roundup. Your girls are beautiful, and I LOVE the tattoo.


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