Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Little in age, big in vocabulary

"What? What cookies?" CJ went to put Kyla to bed and came downstairs to find Keifer had gotten out the nilla wafers on her own and was helping herself :)

I know, I know. I rarely blog. I have no time! I don't! And I find it much faster to post my hilarious one liners that Keifer girl says on Facebook, rather than log onto blogger...*sigh*. My heart and head are on here, my blog, but time, ahhhhhh....time. It is a precious commodity these days, isn't it?

I thought I'd post a few "Keiferisms" that our girl has been using lately just to remember that she has such a huge mind - I am amazed at the knowledge she does have.
Lately, she is really into talking about who is in our family. Or if we do something, it's "as a family". Last night, she had CJ and I sit with her and do "family cuddles" on the couch, munching on popcorn and watching The Incredibles before bed. Love this girl!
We were driving home from Ballroom last night, as well, and she looked out the windows, saw the beautiful sunset clouds, and said "Mama, look at those nifty clouds!". Yep, they sure were nifty!
On our vacation a few weeks ago, CJ and I would say "we're doing this and then we'll hit the road". Well, to Miss Literal (K1), "hitting" the road just didn't sit right with her. So now, when we talk about going somewhere, we're not "hitting the road" , we're just going to drive there. LOL. So yesterday, when I was driving to Target with the girls in the back, Keifer piped up wondering if we were "hitting the road", and if so, she didn't WANT to hit the road. So I assured her we were driving, and no way would we be getting out to HIT the road! LOL
So many more things that she is doing, but I need to start writing them down more. She is truly amazing. She is so loving, despite having her 3 years old going on 13 sassy attitude. She is my baby still, and I adore her so.
(and if you are on Facebook, and wanna find me and more pictures that I am too lazy to upload immediately to here, please contact me!)

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DaisyGal said...

she sounds adorable...I love how she doesn't want to "hit the road'...tooo cute.


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