Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Speaking of Keifer's imagination, here is what she did in June: she created her own personal "house" on our piggie blanket. She used many toys for the frame/border of her "house" and had us come visit ("c'mon, Mama, come join me in my house"), and got irritated when Kyla tried to disrupt her "house". This was second to her using the small space between the love seat and side front window as her "office/work". This was the beginning of her flash of REALLY actually pretend playing. It delighted me!
**on a side note, yes, it is pathetic how many toys we have- I keep meaning to start cleaning things out, but of the essence right!**

This was our girl last week, setting up her own blockade to stop the ambitious Kyla from venturing up the stairs, unattended (which she loves to try and do often!). I thought this was ingenious! LOL. Again, this was all on her own (with a little help from Mama on lugging the chair over!)
Doing tricks on the chair -because she likes to hang upside down, you know
And last month, Keifer making her very own personal calendar. I made her a visual account/calendar of our days for the summer- using pictures from the PECS program I use at my work. I put the days that they visit Elaine on there, the play dates, the zoo dates, the splash park dates, etc. Keifer really likes knowing what is coming, or where we are going, as well as going back over WHAT we did in the past. She also really enjoyed making her very own schedule-complete with her marker drawings and stickers! Again, I was as proud as a peacock in her interest in doing this! So creative (my heart was happy!) I'm not sure why this pic is crooked-but you get the gist of it! Don't you love how she even circled different dates? I wonder what cool and important events were scheduled for her then? LOL

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DaisyGal said...

that is sooooo adorable, I love how she is showing us who she is. :)

You have to be soo proud.

and I love the look of the blog, it's wonderful. :)


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