Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sorry for being MIA

As always, excuses excuses excuses. But - they are valid! Since having Kyla, life around here is non-stop- we're always playing, walking the dogs around the loop, eating, cleaning, changing diapers, going to some sort of lesson, hanging out, winding down or working/at Elaine's house. I had my last day of work last Monday (the 14th) so now I'm free as a bird this summer to play, play, play! We decided to keep the girls at Elaine's house for 2 days each week: one, because they love it there and the social interaction as well as the learning is amazing, and two, well, Mama is selfish and wanted some time to be able to work out, do errands, and maybe try to actually CLEAN this pit of a house. It's true that I USED to be quite nit picky about my clean house; these days, I'm happy if the bed is made and our dishes are even IN the dishwasher. I cannot stand how cluttered and yes, dusty/dirty our house becomes, but there will be time for that LATER, right?

For now, I'm off to try and put a VERY cranky girl (3 year old) to bed after she had the time of her life today at her cousins' house, jumping on the Slip 'N Slide and splashing in the kiddie pool. No, CRANKY doesn't do her mood justice, it's down right annoying! AHHHH!

We have a few play dates set up and had one this past Friday, so many more picture to eventually come.....when the time is available!


DaisyGal said...

HAPPY SUMMER my beautiful friend..and good for you for those 2 days of the week when you can just relax, even clean in quiet. We all need them...and i'm so glad that you are going to get them.


Heather said...

Enjoy the summer!!!


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