Sunday, April 11, 2010

Party Hangover (belated Happy 3rd Birthday, Angel Girl

Is that a walrus or a Keifer girl?
Yesterday, my angel girl turned 3 years old at 5:03PM. We had an extraordinary party for her-and we have over 250+ pictures to dig through in order to share. Mama has party hangover. My girl had a most excellent time and she was (behavior-wise) an angel indeed all day long!

The baby ballroom dancing party started at 10:30 AM at our church. Because we are members, we are able (aka LUCKY) enough to use this wonderful space for no cost. We had loving family to help us set up and do the food, and Mama did the socializing with the families and children that came to have fun dancing and celebrating with the birthday girl. Miss Meghan (Keifer's baby ballroom teacher for 2 years now) was the "leader" of the fun dancing. She ran it just like a ballroom class we attend every week. Keifer and her 2 dance friends, Dani & Mazzy, were the leaders and the other kids/friends and their moms and dads were joyful followers. We.had.a.blast! We ate afterwards, had a Mickey Mouse and friends delicious cake, and then we crashed. LOL.

No, really. Mama is going to crash now. After the party, we had 2 sides of extended family in town, so we did dinner out for a few hours, and then this AM was more socializing. And more eating out for lunch at the Birthday Girl's favorite (and Mama's): Teresa's!

Pictures and more detailed stories to follow- but needless to say, our girl and our family is very, very, very blessed to know such wonderful, fun, loving friends and to have such devoted family. It makes me teary-eyed with love to ever write that (yes, I'm a sappy tired mama).

On top of it all, I participated this weekend in my first ever consignment sale, so that was busy, too!

Happy birthday to my beautiful Keifer Lynn. You are truly cherished!

Mama and her girl at (as close as we could make it) 5:03 PM, 3 years after the birth date
Keifer grooving at her ballroom party- she was one happy dancing birthday girl!


JM said...

I love the look on her face in the last photo, such joy! It looks and sounds like you all had a wonderful day. Congratulations on being a mama for THREE whole years now! And Happy Birthday to the birthday girl :)

Piccinigirl said...

THREE ???? 3????? wow!!!! Keifer you are such a BIG GIRL!

and your mama did a great day of giving you a beautiful party!!! Hope your year is filled with lots of fun and laughter angel girl!!!!


Laura said...

Wow, that does sound like a very fun, yet tiring weekend!

I can't believe Keifer is three... looking forward to more party pics!


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