Monday, April 19, 2010

I can hogue (hold) her in my arms

These are the beloved sissies in their matching Puppy PJ's a few weeks ago. They adore each other, as you can see in the pictures. We are so lucky that so far *(knock on wood)* Keifer has been so good to her baby sister and is the best little helper around. She loves to fetch things for Kyla, and always has words of advice if Kyla is fussy - such as "Kyla needs a bottle" or "Kyla needs a new diaper".

A few weeks ago as well, I overheard Keifer talking to her Daddy via the monitor. He was putting her to sleep, which is a few hours after Kyla goes down. Kyla was apparently fussy that night, and woke up crying. Keifer was lying in her bed, and she spoke to Kyla: "shhhh, it's OK, Kyla, I"m right here". It must have worked, because Kyla quieted down once she heard her sister's voice. Typically, when she's sleeping and Keifer wakes her up, she (K2) pops up with a huge grin on her face, and squeals of excitement.

That night, in the dark, I overheard Keifer telling CJ, "I can hogue her, daddy, in my arms....I'll cuddle her!", but to her dismay, we wouldn't let her take Kyla out of her crib. Eventually, both girls were sleeping, but it just melted my heart to hear Keifer talking so sweetly about her baby sister. *sigh*.

I'm not sure why these pictures are turned sideways, but you can see the joy and love in their faces! K1 tries to smooch K2

Ahhhhhhh! Big smoosh!


JM said...

So sweet! That is some definite sisterly love :)

kristine said...

That is too precious. I love the sibling love.

Piccinigirl said...

OH, I'm in sugar shock over the sweetness of that. I love how they"LOVE ON" each other...sisters, the best kind of love. <3


Summer said...

Okay, those are the best pics ever!


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