Monday, March 08, 2010

Sweatshirt memories

I've been digging through many bins of clothes lately, in efforts to clothe my darling Kyla girl, and it's been a fun experience. I keep delighting in the many clothes that Keifer wore (or didn't have time to, as she sprouted so fast!), and am so excited to have the chance to see many of the clothes on Kyla girl.

When I pulled this sweatshirt out of the bin a few weeks ago, I was immediately hit with the memory of my Grandma Gina. She passed away in December of 2007, and had only met Keifer when she was a baby. When she was in her final days, CJ, Keifer and I rushed up North to say our goodbyes to her, and the last time we saw her, Keifer was wearing this sweatshirt. It's a memory that lives in my mind, and my heart, and will forever. It was one of the final times Grandma smiled, and it was because of the joy Keifer brought her.
Kyla's middle name is in honor of my Grandma. She was a Whitney girl, and I like to think that Kyla takes after her angel Grandma. I'm hoping that Grandma is partially to thank for the blessing of Kyla, and hope to do her memory justice with my girls.

Here's our angel girl #2 modeling the sweatshirt
The cutest thing about this - when I put it on Kyla in the AM, I told Keifer to come and see what she looked like, because it used to be HER sweatshirt! She came rushing upstairs, "let me see, Mama!" She saw her sister, and she sweetly cooed at her, "ahhh, she looks awesome!"

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FinnLand said...

Too cute! I love those pants too. Kyla is getting so big. Can't wait for some fun play dates this summer!


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