Friday, March 05, 2010

Send in the clown (aka K1)

There is nothing more fun to Keifer than entertaining Kyla- especially making her laugh. Last Saturday evening, as I was preparing Kyla's bowl for dinner, Keifer took out many of her hats from her hat bin and was sharing them with Kyla! I don't think Kyla knew what was going on!

Old Witch, Old Witch.....
Peek a boo- where ARE you?
Hmm, let's try the monkey hat!And putting Kyla to bed last Friday night, Keifer had to take part in the routine. She likes to pull out the step stool to watch over as we tend to Kyla's needs. She (for some reason?) especially likes when Kyla has a poopy diaper. If we're changing Kyla and she's not around, she'll call out "is she poopy?". We'll say "no", and she'll say "No poopy, just wet!". LOL

Here she is making Kyla giggle. All she had to do was lean over her and voila: giggling sissy!
Belly laughs

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