Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Papa's OTHER beloved girl

It just wouldn't be fair to let you think that Papa Dale doesn't adore his other baby girl, Kyla Whitney! Of course he does! And the feeling is mutual, as you can see! Papa is a lucky Papa to have 2 girls swooning over him when he enters a room (for real!) The weekend that we visited, Keifer knew who to ask for what she wanted all weekend: PAPA! Kyla will quickly learn the same, I'm sure.
Papa kisses equals Kyla giggles! Enjoy!

Chilling out with Papa, enjoying the Olympics!!


SassyIfLady said...

SOOOOO cute! I love the photos. You have a beautiful family! Too cute!

Queen Bee said...

I love the video! SO sweet and such a proud PaPa!!!


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