Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The car seat shuffle

Forgive me, oh blog land. The girls have both been sick since Saturday night/Sunday afternoon. Mama's spring break plans of uploading pics, blogging, and getting things DONE while they are in daycare for 4 days? Well, the plans went by the wayside, and all my blogging plans in the ditch.
I just got done entering a ton of clothing, toys, and books into the computer for my first ever consignment sale next weekend....and decided to hurry and try to start blogging before one of the 2 sickie girls wakes up (I should say KEIFER, because Kyla is pretty much fine now).

So in the beginning of February (yes, almost 2 months ago! Gasp), we did the car seat shuffle! Kyla was nearing 20 lbs and getting oh-so-long in her infant carrier car seat. We decided to plunge into big car seat territory, and daddy spent one full Sunday afternoon shuffling car seats. Of course, we had to go and buy Keifer her new car seat (a booster one for future), and Kyla was lucky enough to be gifted with HER new car seat at Christmas from Papa Jim and Nana Marge (and it was on sale for a REALLY great price then!)

So....we put Kyla's new seat where her infant seat was in my car, and moved Keifer's car seat into Daddy's car for Kyla. Then, we put Keifer's NEW booster/back car seat into my car and left the car seat SHE uses in Daddy's car in the same spot for her. Whew. Got that? LOL
She looks so little yet big!

The maiden voyage in their new seats!

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