Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Blessed beyond belief: clothes!

We are blessed beyond belief to have clothes for the girls. It seems with 2 of them now, I'm constantly sifting through bins of clothes, making piles upon piles of clothes, and making room for more clothes. With Keifer growing as fast as she is, it's hard to keep up with her ever changing sizes, especially since so many clothing brands are different in their fit and sizing.

With Kyla, she was born only a month later than her sister, but she was a preemie, and so far, on the growth charts, she is 3 months or so behind what her sister was at the same age she is now. So.....this makes for interesting seasons as I figure out what she will need for the Spring and Summer weather ahead.
The other night, I emptied out 2 bins of baby clothes. I was sad, yet I know that we don't have the room to store them and our future as to another child is so uncertain. *more on that later*. So, I emptied out the bins while my parents visited, and kept the girls occupied, and made decisions about what should go where, and who should get what (as in friends that are having babies) and what to sell. I signed up for *my first time ever* consignment sale in April - a sale I like to visit each season. I know it's going to be a ton of work to get the clothes labeled, priced and ready to go, but hopefully in the long run, we'll make some money to put towards NEW clothes (at the sale?) for the girls, as well as maybe some in savings. If we're lucky.
After sorting and sifting, this is what I was left with for the cloths that will fit Kyla in the next few months. A varied array of clothes that are for warm weather AND cold weather. Can I tell you that I feel like tearing my hair out? We have no room -so what do I do with all these clothes? And I must tell you, it breaks my heart to see so many CUTE THINGS go unworn by K2 (if that is the case...). Ahh, tell me to cut the strings. they are just clothes! LOL
The three bags of clothes that didn't make the pile in the bedroom...

the clothes for Kyla piled on the floor, waiting for closet space on the bottom row (top row is K1's)..... (that is 2 piles mashed together)

K2's row of clothes........where to put all those clothes?

Plus, K2 gets the 2nd drawer and part of the top one. Oye. Help?

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Piccinigirl said...

I feel your pain my friend. I am constantly trying to find room in their closet. Jacob is just touch tinier than Gio,,but I try to keep them in the same size for now. However, I do have two good friends here at work with little boys who are about 6 months to 1 year younger than that boys...SO I just pile them up and give them away. Not good for my pocket book (good luck with that sale..sounds great) but good for my soul sometimes. :)

Love you!!!!


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