Thursday, February 25, 2010

3/4 of a year! Kyla is 9 months old (plus stats)

Big sissy can hardly believe it! Her beloved baby sister is already 9 months old (as of 2-19-10, yes, I'm late as always......).

Getting weighed in and measured at the doctor check up. Things are looking awesome for our preemie girl. She is kicking preemie-hood BUTT, as she is in the 75%ile for both height and weight, and 90%ile for her HEAD! The SOUPY head! LOL.

Just imagine if she was full term- she'd no doubt be another BAB (big ass baby) just like Keifer is and was!
Here she is, getting weighed by Nurse Judy. Nurse Judy kept raving about what a great, happy, mellow baby she appeared to be. She is! She is just such an easy baby,she makes me want more! (did I say that?????)

Weight: 19 lbs, 12 oz = 75%ile
Length: 28 1/4 inches = 75%ile
Head: 18 cm which is 90%ile

Look Mom, I'm on the scale!
Kyla had a great check up. She is right on with all her developmental milestones. She should be starting to crawl or creep or even pull herself up at this point,but right now, she's just a little ball, rolling all over the place. However, the past few days she has been attempting to figure out how in the world to get up on her knees. You can just see her mentally debating with herself on the best way to go about it. I have no doubt that crawling is not far off in the future!
She has 3 teeth coming in at one time- the bottom 2 have been poking through for weeks now,and last weekend, low and behold, her top right tooth started coming through as well. We're not sure if she's been fussier than usual at bedtime because of her teeth or not, but we think that might be why. During the day, you would never know the child is teething, other than she is always chomping on things and will try to pull your finger to her mouth to bite on!
Kyla is an eating machine.The girl loves to eat. She loves most of her veggies, except peas, and loves all the fruit and fruit mixes we've given her. She is hit or miss when it comes to the dinners in a jar, but she loves the freeze dried strawberries and bananas I've recently found. It's a joy to watch her shake with delight as she scoops the pieces to her mouth and makes her eating sounds ("mmmmmm"). She also loves her Puffs, and is getting very adept at using her pincer grasp to scoop up those Puffs to gobble up. I love to watch her little jaws mushing up the food in her mouth! Hard to imagine our girl was being fed through her nose by a tube only 8 1/2 months ago! Wow. Kyla is also still proving to be very temperature sensitive. She's never liked when her bottles get cold,or even luke warm, and prefers her food to be warmer, if possible. I wonder if this will prove to be a disaster in the future? We shall see. Textures are definitely somewhat of an issue, as introducing new foods such as mashed potatoes, real sweet potatoes, and mashed up spaghetti has proven to be quite comical. She makes the silliest face, as if she is eating the most sour thing we've ever given her! If we aren't feeding her fast enough, she will clench her fists and "yell" at us, no kidding! And....she is just starting to sign "more" for us, with little help! YAY, Kyla! We are all so proud of you!

Kyla will be the sleeper of our girls. She take 3 short naps a day and will go to bed around 6:45. Any later, and she is out like a light on your shoulder. Her little eyelids get beet red and you KNOW when she is getting sleepy- as those hands start rubbing the eyes and she sticks her left thumb into her mouth! Yep, she's a thumb sucker, but I'm fine with that! How easy it is to travel! She usually sleeps all night until around 5:30 or so. I'm not happy about how early it is, but I'm thrilled that she's sleeping that long. The past few nights have been difficult, as she appears to be battling a cold and her teeth coming in.

Join us now for Kyla's annual 9 month photo shoot, with an introduction from Miss Keifer! "Ok, Kyla, here you go....get ready for that damn camera to flash in your eyes again!"Ohhh, sissy was right, here we go!

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