Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sips of soup

Life continues to be crazy and full of tantrums, love, giggles, screams, cries, squawks, barking and kisses in our house.
How do I sum up all the thoughts that race through my head each and every day, whenever I think "I need to blog about this", and then I get home, and lose track of time and fall into bed, only to pass out and then grumble when my alarm goes off in the morning (or when Kyla decides that having a schedule for sleeping through the night is just too easy and not fun enough for her).

Yep, we think our 2 and 3/4 year old is amazing. She can hear songs and sing them back to us, word for word, and finger plays, as well, complete with actions. This morning, she was word-for-word singing the "I'm a Little Snowman" tune, and acting it out, just like we do with Miss Meghan at Baby Ballroom. I had no idea the girl knew every word and action, without my help. Huh. Where did she get this talent? I love music, but man, the memorization of songs just blows me away. Currently, we are enjoying, on a frequent basis, listening to the
O Brother, Where Art Thou soundtrack. She particularly seems to enjoy (by her demands, it would seem) the song You are my Sunshine sung "by the boy", she says, and Down to the River to Pray by Allison Krauss. It literally gives me goosebumps (shiver dots) on my arms when she is in the backseat, belting out these two tunes. What a true gift from God my first born daughter is. *sigh*.

She loves to tell stories, which really, I think, is her organizing what is in her little mind from hr past and her daily life. She likes to start her stories to me and CJ with, "One day, I was .....". That prelude must be picked up from a book she has heard. She also likes to drag her stories to us out, using "soooooooooooooo" often, exaggerating it with her tone of voice. I think she gets that usage from the book
My Daddy Snores, where they use the "so" to carry over the story so often.

Here she is feeding HER baby Kyla, just like we do
Kyla continues to grow by leaps and bounds and SOUNDS! Ahh, the sounds...I'll save HER summary for her 8 month post.....

Hey, Mama! I'm rolling, I'm rolling!

And it makes me sllllllllleeeeeeeeppppppppyyyy

Keifer continues to adore (stress ADORE) her cousins, Abby and Mason. They had a sleep over last weekend, here at our house. Keifer was in hog heaven. Even better, they two older cousins got new Nintendo DS systems for Christmas, so they had OLDER DS's to share with Keifer. Um, our 2 year old has a DS! Mama is still learning how to use it........

Here are the cousins, eating popcorn watching Cars
Uncle Corey adores his niece - here they are when we Skyped Papa & Nana a few weeks ago
Can you tell Keifer loves "her Abber"?
They could be sisters, too!

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