Monday, January 25, 2010

8 months: gone in the blink of an eye.......

I was just writing the update for Kyla's 7 month birthday, when I turned around and her 8 month milestone passed me by. *sigh* I'll have you know, I took her pictures exactly on her 8th month birthday, and had them uploaded to the blogger site. Alas, travels and work and just being busy has delayed me on many of my posts, Kyla's special post being one of them.

So, here she is. My rolling "gabby" girl. Yep. Rolling, rolling, rolling and smiling and cooing while she does it. And, just like her sissy, she is living up to the nickname Elaine's hubby, Papa Joel, has given her: "Gabby". The girl does not.stop. gabbing. Just like her big sissy. *eyes open in shock*. Uh oh. We are IN for it with 2 gabby girls, aren't we? LOL. She loves to play with sounds, and watches our mouths and faces so intently when we make any type of sounds at her. She loves to click her tongue, stick OUT her tongue, and attempt to make the "Mama" sounds when we do so. She is also starting to make the "dada dada dada" sounds. I swear she was calling me the other day, with her particular "mmmmm" sound she makes when she sees me.

Kyla is an eating machine. She will eat a whole bowl of cereal plus fruits or veggies three times a day now. She is loving meal time and her little eyes light up and she gets so excited when you strap her into the high chair.

Did somebody say HAPPY baby? Um, yeah, again, just like big sissy was. The girl is the happiest baby EVER. She is so mellow and content. Sometime I feel guilty for leaving her alone to fend for herself with her toys or in her saucer so I can take care of her diva older sister. Kyla is always quick to giggle and talk to you, and the latest funny "story" to tell about her is that whenever Keifer says ANYTHING to her- in her crib, on the floor, in her chair, or in her car seat in the back next to Keifer: Kyla will belly laugh at her. It's so amazing to see their bond developing already. My favorite time of the day is in the AM when I'm getting ready for work and we plunk Kyla in the 'saucer. Keifer will pull her little mini-Ladybug chair over in front of the 'saucer and sit and narrate things to Kyla and talk to her about things that are going on. It's so sweet.
Although our girl was a preemie, I'm thinking she is just in the average range for size. Her sissy was in the 12-18 month clothing (mostly 18 month) at this age; however, Kyla is staying in the 9 month, or 6-12 month area for clothing. I am loving that she isn't SUCH a BAB (big ass baby) because I don't like that she's growing so fast, but clothing -wise , it is somewhat of a pain not to have the correct sizing clothing for the season (as I had thought I would be prepared for!). Oh well, makes it fun to get NEW clothes!

We are so blessed to have such beautiful angel girls.

Did someone say "naked baby?" Getting into the bath tub, where she coos and giggles and is SO ticklish!
Here she is again, in the chair!Trying to figure out what this sign is
Hey! What are those cool things? Toes?
Trying to eat her book (books are now a potential food item! Straight to the mouth!)
Seriously, seeing her little toes in this post has me wanting to KISS THEM! So sweet!
She was so tired here, and literally started scooting down and trying to be all done-she was hungry!

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Piccinigirl said...

OMG, she is soooo beautiful and smiley and wonderful.
I love the updates and pictures of her. She is truly the happiest baby!!!

Where did 8 months go???? Holy cow!!!!!!!!

love and kisses to all my Campbell girls!


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