Friday, December 11, 2009

"I got the potato chips": out of the mouth of K1

I have been keeping notes on the hilarious things that Keifer Lynn has been telling us throughout the past few months. I keep meaning to sit down and type them out, so as not to bore you with one gigantic post of cutesy things that only my family and CJ and I think are the sweetest sayings ever. However, working full-time and parenting has gotten the better of my time: I have great intentions to sit down and blog,but sleep gets the better of me. Soon I hope to have a better balance on this whole working-mom life thing, but until then, please put up with me slacking on my blogging capabilities.

Keifer says:

I got the potato chip! ~~ after digging in her ear with a Q-tip and finding the tip yellow with wax. When I was little, my doctor used to say he was looking for potatoes in my ears. I now say that to Keifer when I attempt to clean out her ears. She took potatoes, and made them into chips (and quite proudly, I should add!)

Mama, I just love my fresh sheets! They are fresh, aren't they!? ~~ I changed Keifer's sheets and put on clean sheets. One of my favorite things is fresh, clean sheets (especially cottony flannel types). She imitated me telling her they were clean and fresh, and dropped the "clean". LOL. She was so cute saying the "fresh'.

You tell her: Keifer, you're a hoot!
She replies very seriously, No! I'm KEIFER!

Many times we've heard this lately:
Daddy (Mommy): You're not listening to me! ~~ this is her attempts to stall us from doing what she has no desire to do. So she has her own agenda, but we don't always follow that, so we aren't listening to her!

A few days ago, we received a thank-you card and picture of her Baby Ballroom friend, Dani, after attending her 2nd birthday party. Keifer was delighted to have mail from a friend. Ever since that day, she has been asking us to help her "write a letter" to Dani. She also enjoys pounding on the keyboard to write to Dani on the computer - we open up a text.document and she pounds away. We just pray she doesn't delete some major file on our hard drive by accident!

CJ got this one last month:
Daddy, settle down! ~~ he was attempting to stop her from switching out the DVD player. She is quite good at it now but initially she was freaking her parents out by her attempts to learn how to do so.

Mama, that's not a choice! ~~ told to me when I ask her to do something outside of her capabilities (according to her).

Mama, I sooooo proud of you! ~~ complete with hugs and offers for M&Ms because I went potty like a big girl!

Mama (Daddy, Kyla): I love you, too! ~~ this is the phrase that most melts my heart. CJ and I have managed to successfully (so far! Knock on wood... ) raise a 2 year old cuddle bug. She loves to cuddle us, and when she gushes with love for us (or Kyla) she is usually squeezing us tight somewhere (leg, arm, body) or placing her little hand against my cheek. *sigh*

When strapping her into her car seat one random day, she blurted out to me: Mama, I just LOVE to kiss you!

One night, when putting her to bed, she very matter-of-factly told me: Mama, you made me cry yesterday, so you have to rock me!"
Ahh, yes, Ma'am!

A day or so after Halloween, I had asked Keifer to stop doing something. She responded with, again, Just settle down, Mama!
I asked her: what did I do?
You pick me up and throw me around!

What? LOL. By no means am I a Mother who picks my children up and throws them around. However, I think she was referring to the incident prior to Halloween when she would not settle down for nap time, and I had lifted her off her floor and put her back into bed, causing her much anguish and self-pity (this must be me "throwing her").
Ahhh, Keifer. She really is a drama mama in the making, now isn't she?


Heather said...

So cute!!! Love the things little ones say!

Piccinigirl said...

wow, she's such a little person and I love how she takes all your "youisms" and make them hers.
I loved reading this post, because I can't believe how big and beautiful and amazing she is.

Keifer are a HOOT!!!!!! :)


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