Monday, December 07, 2009


The weekend; the previous week. The holiday season: exhaustion today.
Friday night was Elaine's Christmas party, complete with her visit from Santa. Keifer wanted nothing to do with him, while Kyla was indifferent. Fun times, but an exhausted girl that night.
Saturday: both sets of Nanas and Papas were in town, and Keifer got to swim with Papa Dale and cousin Aubrie at the hotel. Nana Margie put her to bed in her house.
Sunday: Kyla'a baptism. We were surrounded by love as friends and family witnessed an extraordinary ceremony. Pastor Joy included Keifer in on the baptism: she helped put the water over Kyla's head, helping as always and loving on her sister. Of course, the nose picking was to be expected, and the dancing with the band while they sang was just icing on the cake.
So much love at our home afterwards. Yummy food. Delicious cake (after some mishaps with the pick-up), and energetic, playful cousins. Tired people, tired kids. Too much food, and not enough "healthy" food.
Monday morning came too soon, and too much to do still. The Christmas season is a joyous one with a 2 year old in the house, just beginning to understand it's significance. Holiday songs on the radio each car ride makes each day joyful and exciting.
Rambling? Yes. Tired? Yes. Pictures? Yes, soon...................

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Heather said...

Wow! I didn't realize Kyla and our boys were the same age. Our boys turned 6 months the end of November!!! Just catching up on blogs to see how everyone is doing. Love the pics and videos!


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