Monday, November 09, 2009

Sassafras goes to School

Yep, Monday night here, and me and my Keifer Lynn are attending an Early Childhood "Art Adventures" class tonight, via the school district I work in. It's 4 Monday nights; from ages 30 months and up. Our Keifer girl is going to be 31 months tomorrow, so she fits the bill for this. Plus, she has been loving any and all type of fine motor activities we throw her way, and is dying for peer interactions. She visited my school 2 x this Fall so far, and is always begging me to take her to my work ("I go to school with you, Mama? Please?"), so she should be pretty pumped up.
Her 2 year old buddy Brandt at daycare is only part-time, but the days he is there she arrives with squeals of delight at the play opportunities, and last week I got to witness her and B. running around the yard, playing chase and giggling to their heart's delight. So much fun to watch. I am just as excited to be on the parent side of the class tonight, too. The teachers are co-workers of mine with whom I used to team teach with last year. It'll be interesting to be on the other side of the fence, within the classroom I taught in last year! I'm so excited! I just hope my sassy girl doesn't decide to try and take charge of anything. I'm sure she will! Ha!

We're going to meet Daddy at Elaine's, all go to dinner, and then he is taking Kyla girl home while Mommy and K1 have quality "school time". YAY!

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LutherLiz said...

Hope it was a great time!


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