Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Just because .....she's so beautiful

*Sigh* Keifer, our Keifer. How cherished you are. We love you so much. When did you grow out of the baby/toddler stage and into this big girl look that you have lately? Your body is thinning out, your hair is finally thickening (you've always had lots of hair, but finally it's getting thick enough to start growing). Your eyes of blue are always twinkling with curiosity (or drama!) and you love to talk to anyone and everyone, all.the.time. It's so hard to believe that I had you 2 1/2 years ago. My, how the time has gone my in a blink of an eye. Now, you're a big sister, and an excellent one at that. But don't think I don't notice how you revert into baby talk when you are introduced to strangers initially, or how you cower behind mama when somebody you don't know asks you a question, or how you try to claim "you can't do it" right after we've seen you do it, just because the baby can't. You are still my baby, too: a baby in a growing girls body! XXOO

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