Monday, November 23, 2009

The half-way point: 6 months!

Hey, it's that time again! Six months already?
My mom is so silly when she takes these pictures - I'm trying to reach out and grab her!

*looking around scratching head in bewilderment* Where did the past 6 months GO? Didn't we just rush to the hospital because my sac had ruptured, to have this lovely little angel girl? Wow. Six months have gone by in a blink of an eye, and it only goes faster and faster the more she grows!

Oh Miss Lovely Kyla, how we love thee.
How you love to socialize and try to say "hi" to us, and try to imitate us moving our mouths in words. When I say the "Thank You Prayer" to you, you move your lips along with me. You talk to your favorite cows and pigs on the wall, and you light up when we turn on music for you. You are oh-so-curious when you hear voices and sounds,and sometimes you get really mad at us when we wn't let you watch TV! You would prefer to drink a bottle while watching The Incredibles or The Movers with your sissy (I know the colors are bright!) but mama would prefer that you enjoy colors in books, rather than on TV! You're also starting to really zero in on the food and drinks that we have/are eating, and are using your newly fine-tuned fine motor skills to reach out and grab things! So far, Keifer thinks that silly, but we all know that in a few months, she won't be digging that anymore!

You have learned to grab your toes and seem fascinated by them, as you try so hard to get them to your open, waiting mouth. Your feet are stinky after wearing footed pajamas (just like your sissy!) and you giggle and screech with laughter when I pretend to eat your toes up - Yum yum!
You reach for your bottle the minute you see it, and are trying so hard to hold it on your own! My favorite feeling right now is when I'm feeding you a bottle, you grab onto my thumb and any other finger, one in each little fist, and hold on tight. It's the same way when you go to sleep; you like to hold onto a finger.
When you get tired, you have this little "yell" (I like to call it) that you start up. You open your mouth wide, and using all your breath, you literally YELL at whoever is in your visual radius. I know you're telling us "I'm tired, I want to lie down, I need to go to sleep", so luckily mama knows what that means! Today, at the doctor, you started yelling at me when it was time to go: you were clearly exhausted and letting me know it!
You've had your first Urgent Care visit as of this past weekend. Six months and whammo, there you are at the doctor on the weekend. You had mama and daddy all in a tizzy Friday night, because whenever we would lay you down in your crib, you started choking and coughing, and breathing really funny. We were up all night with you. You were also burning up with a fever and that was worrisome. The doctors and nurses at Urgent Care were so charmed by your flirty nature, and despite the fact you weren't feeling well at all. you managed to flash that one dimple many times, to gain many new fans.
The doctors said all sounded clear in your lungs, and your oxygen levels were good. Just a virus of some sort. Today, (2 days later), you had your 6 month check up with Dr. J. and she delayed your shots until next week, so you can get better. You haven't had a fever since yesterday, but you're still sounding congested and coughing a lot. Dr. J. also peeked in your ears, and noticed that one eardrum wasn't as healthy as it should be, despite you not letting me know it might be sore. Hmmm. You are on a medication for the ear, and hopefully it won't develop into anything more!
Your exam turned out well, and your stats continue to creep up for a regular 6 month old (despite you being born a month early!).
Height: 26 inches - 50%ile
Weight: 15 lbs, 12 ounces -- 50%ile
Head: 17 cm (or mm?) -- 75%ile (of course, the big head!)
You're sleeping through the night, only getting us up for one bottle and you wake up in the morning happy as a clam. People (and mama and daddy) say they've never seen a happier baby: well, I do recall there was one in this household that the same thing was said about! I guess we must be doing something right in raising you to be such a sweetheart! We love you, our angel girl #2!
Sleeping peacefully: when we put you down in your crib, you immediately roll over onto your left side to sleep and start sucking your fingers. Just recently, you've decided to start rolling ALMOST completely onto your stomach, but not quite, so sometimes you get stuck, but usually you are showing us you like your tummy to sleep on. Rocking you to sleep is a dream; you love to be held tightly in a ball position and you fall right asleep to the sounds of mama shhh shh shhhing you. *sigh*.
Check out my hairline! It's starting to come in really light and soft, and fuzzy!

Yes, I love to chew on my fingers! And yes, I'm damn cute!


LutherLiz said...

Congratulations on 6 months sweet Kyla! You are so precious and make daycare a joy! I'm so glad Edward has you as a friend!

Piccinigirl said...

Beautiful girl!!! Happy 6 months honey pie!!!

what a gorgeous little K2!


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