Thursday, October 22, 2009

Cute little ghost

In honor of Halloween approaching, I wanted to share a few simple books that my classes and Keifer have been enjoying. I use these to work on vocabulary, as well as talk about feelings ("is ghost happy or sad?") and labeling. Ghost Eats it All is an adorable, simple book about a ghost gorging on food and the Frankenstein monster is watching and getting hungry (based on visual cues of this). The monster then scares the ghost, who drops all the food, and then monster eats the food all up. Sounds kinda gross, huh? Well, it's really cute and my kids and Keifer love it! There are a few other Ghost books and they too, are simple, cute, bright and fun!

Keifer also adores Where is Baby's Pumpkin, an adorable life-the-flap book that helps search for baby's pumpkin. I also have a few other Baby books (where is her birthday cake, where is her Easter eggs, baby uses the potty, etc.) and they are also very fun for labeling, working on question forms, and generating language. OLinkf course, the element of surprise when she lifts the flap is also fun!

Five Little Pumpkins is a popular finger play that all kids love, and we love this book at our house. Raffi sings this song on one of his CD's which can add a fun audio element to this. We LOVE this Boo Who book, too- it was so amazing to CJ and I last Fall when Keifer was able to find the skeleton, thanks to this book!

Ahhh, how I love to share books that we love! Enjoy!


Wendy and Karen said...

Ghost eats it all is now on my library list. Thank you for sharing it with us!

Piccinigirl said...

they sound awesome, I'll be buying some books this weekend. Thanks for the rock :)

FinnLand said...

We are also enjoying "Where is Baby's Pumpkin" right now. Aidan says BOO every time we get to the ghost page. :) I'll have to check out your other recommendations!


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