Thursday, September 17, 2009

The travels of summer

Last month, I took the girls back up to Papa Dale and Nana Dian's house. I haven't had a chance to upload the pictures I wanted to until last week, and I've kept them saved on here until I found a few minutes to share them with you.
Keifer loves going to visit them, and gets so excited when we pull into their driveway. This trip, she raced into the house and gave both Papa and Nana the biggest hugs ever, and then immediately went outside with Papa to check out the back yard.

Checking out the bird feeders
Cousin Aubrie came over that night and was thrilled to finally meet her baby peanut cousin, Kyla. Keifer, of course, had to share her.
The girls were calling people on the pretend phone
Papa/Uncle (to Aubrie) reading
The next day, the girls rushed over to our neighbor's "park" -the swing set they have in their back yard, that we are free to use with Keifer
Making a "choo choo" train
Mama/Auntie cuddling her favorite girls
It was an early AM with Keifer in the house. Papa & Nana with their favorite girls
Giving Kyla a bath was a family affair with all the girls.
Keifer was a great help with the dishwasher
Papa & his little ladies
Great-Auntie Jeanne loving on baby Kyla
My Grandma, finally meeting Kyla Whitney!!
The "girls" of the family
3 generations
Keifer giving her Great-Grandma a smooch goodbye

I have many more pictures from this trip, but too many to upload and well, I'm sure you're on picture overload! :) Hopefully, we'll be back up North as soon as we can find a free weekend- Keifer would love to go now, if she could!

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