Thursday, August 13, 2009

Doll baby

This girl is the other half of my heart. I look at her and I could burst with love. She is so precious. She is changing and growing every day- it's sad how fast babies grow. I wish sometimes that time could stand still with them, just a little bit. She is almost 3 months old,but doing things around a 2 month level (but she was born a month early, so it makes sense). She is really recognizing Mama, and will track me around a room with her eyes. She will stop when you make eye contact, pause, and then grin her big cheese grin (similar to her sissy's big cheese grin when SHE was a baby). She is starting to coo more and more and make different "talking" sounds to us, and the other day,she started to laugh with her mouth wide open when I sang the "ABC" song and "Twinkle Little Star" to her.
Yes, I am in love, deeply, madly, truly, with this angel girl #2!

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