Tuesday, August 11, 2009

And they call her...sticker girl and more updates

I have a whole notepad page covered in notes of things I WANT to blog about- but haven't gotten around to doing so yet. Last Wednesday, I picked up Keifer at Elaine's after lunch and we hit the road with Kyla to Papa Dale & Nana Dian's house in Duluth. We had a great time, as usual, and as usual, all the adults in the house were exhausted by Saturday night, when I re-packed the car to head for home to daddy and the pup-pups.

I have tons of fun pictures from play dates, birthday parties and Duluth to share, but errands, TRYING to sleep when Kyla does (which results in me sleeping in spurts the whole morning away), and keeping Keifer entertained at night makes for little time to sit and do some real blogging. I actually lie in bed at night,writing out mock blogs in my head, that's how badly I NEED this outlet (for some reason).

Anyhoo, tomorrow I have a body perm appointment ( I get them every summer- my hair is so darn fine that I need them for body when I blow dry my hair straight), I need to clean up (the house is a PIT, if I do say so myself, and it is driving me BONKERS), and of course, Kyla needs tending to, the dogs need walking, and Keifer needs to be picked up from Elaine's in the afternoon. Then, Thursday I'm meeting up with some really great friends at a cabin far away for the day, and selfishly, I'm leaving Keifer at home. Why? Because with her, mama won't be able to socialize like I want to, because Miss Drama Queen 2 year old is full of attitude lately and her tantrums are extreme. I need a day with friends and Keifer won't even KNOW what she's missing (so I tell myself).

Friday, I'll hopefully be able to catch up once Papa and Nana Di get here - they are watching the girls Saturday night for CJ and I so we can have a NIGHT AWAY (Gasp) at a local hotel! SLEEP, cherished, SLEEP, here we come.

And in a side note- if you read this blog on my side bar, Baby Goat is joining MY GIRLS at Elaine's house starting this Fall. How cool is THAT??? :) He and Kyla even start going on the same day!

In the meantime, check out drama girl as she proceeds to mess around in her usual way - and yes, that voice of attitude and "I want to" and "I need it" is all we hear these days.

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Piccinigirl said...

I'm glad you're sleeping, getting a girl day and a 'date night" with your hubby. All really important things and you blog when you can!!!

Keifer is too much, holy cow, she's cute!

hugs to you, my friend :)

LutherLiz said...

Yay for daycare friends! Keifer is so cute!


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