Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Happy Belated 3 Months to my Baby Girl: K2

Kyla Whitney turned 3 months old last Wednesday, August 19. Yes, I admit to being a huge slacker on getting her 3 month photo shoot up here and yes, I admit to slacking after not posting her stats after her weight check last Friday. Oye. Life with two little ones is still a big adjustment and it is very tricky for me; me, who used to be so neat and clean and anal about my house being tidy and chores DONE- to have clothes piled up to be folded and put away; to have dishes stacked in the sink to be cleaned or put in the dishwasher, and to have stains on the carpet and marker on the dining table and spit up or formula on the couch. I love my life and wouldn't change a thing- but maybe I'd add more time to the day to get things DONE so that I can not feel guilty when people come over and the toys make my house look like a slop pile. Oh well, I'm learning to let those things go because my girls are number 1 and I love our time together - regardless of how the house looks.

Anyhoo.......enough about the slacking. Kyla turned 3 months and she is as lovely as her name implies (reminder: Kyla means "lovely" in Hebrew). She is smiling more frequently and really seems to hone in on my whenever I am in her eyesight or within hearing radius. She smiles and coos and is just beginning to do that "gurgle" coo thing in the back of her throat. She especially loves to gurgle at her star on the play mat that she has- the same play mat that Keifer also enjoyed so much. I named the star on the mat "Mr. Star" and again, Mr. Star has shown his talents in entertaining my girls. Kyla loves to talk to Mr. Star and admires his smiley face and fun musical melody. She is beginning to occasionally smile so big and laugh silently when we make our funny faces at her, and she opens her mouth wide open when she does this- similar to Keifer at that age.

We (Keifer and I) took Kyla into the Doctor last Friday for a weight check. She is tipping the scales at 11 lbs, 12 ounces, and is on the girl's growth chart - the regular chart, not the preemie chart. The doctor was pleased with her weight gain, but we talked about Kyla's eating skills, and we decided to pursue some Feeding Therapy with a Professional (most likely Occupational Therapist) trained in eating issues like Kyla has. Because she was a preemie and didn't want to suck (or could suck) for 17 days of her early life, she has some habits that are difficult for her to break. She is very inconsistent about eating /drinking her bottles, and it can be very frustrating not knowing how much she will eat in a given feeding session. Most babies at her age are starting to eat more and of course, consistently: Kyla will fuss and maybe eat an ounce and fall asleep on us, only to wake up an hour later and want more food, but then fuss around and play with the nipple in her mouth and sometimes gag on the nipple. It can take anywhere from 5 minutes to 45 minutes for her to finish one bottle- definitely not normal. Like I said, it can be frustrating. She starts Daycare at Elaine's on Monday, and when Elaine asked me what her eating schedule is, I couldn't even tell her because I don't even know!

So we're hoping our girl gets her suck, swallow, breathe reflex down a little better and improves on this, because it will also help her sleep for longer stints throughout the night. At this point, she is going down to bed around 9-10PM and waking up around 2 or 3 AM, when she will chug a bottle and then sleep until 6 or 7AM. It's not a bad schedule, but it would be good for HER to have longer stints of sleep in the long run.

Keifer practicing her photographer skills on a willing subject: Get ready for your close-up, Kyla! Wondering what all the bright, flashing lights are all about- and kicking it in mommy's favorite 0-3 month puppy shoes! The 3 month photo session begins: Ohhh, something to look at! Yeah, that smile just makes my heart melt like butter in a hot pan! This one looks like she's dancing Oh, so pretty! "Who, me? Not eat? Never!" And just because, I took out this outfit that Keifer had worn at 1 1/2 months of age, and Kyla is fitting into it! She looks so chubby in the face in this picture- I love it! Get chubby, girl!

And the following 2 pictures are of KEIFER in the same outfit: notice how the two girls resemble each other JUST A LITTLE BIT? LOL


LutherLiz said...

I'm so glad Edward will have such a precious darling as a playmate! I hope the feedings improve. Have you had her checked out for reflux? Sometimes the acids can make babies unwilling to eat or painful. Maybe she just likes to play though.

Jeni said...

Totally understand the slacking, I am way worse than you are with the posting. And the messy house, yuck - I am right there with you. If you find more hours let me know, I could use them as well. Happy three months to your littlest girl :)


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