Tuesday, August 04, 2009

The girls

Keifer is continuing to LOVE LOVE LOVE on her baby sister. She loves her so much-she continues to try and hold her, kiss her, hug her (aka smush the body of poor Kyla with her big BAB head), and do "this little piggy" on Kyla's little teeny toes.

Alas, the behaviors we thought would come out at home are yes, coming out at home, but also in other places. Although Keifer loves her sister and isn't mean to the baby, she is becoming the sassiest sass pot in the whole world. A mix of "terrible 2's" and older sibling envy, I believe. We are constantly threatening and following through on time-outs. We have to stay IN HER ROOM until she falls asleep at night or she becomes hysterical (yes, hysterical). Part of us says this is a phase, and in a few years we'll be begging her to spend time with us, so try and cherish it. But more times than not, she pushes our buttons and her limits and bedtime ends up a stressed out event.

At daycare, she was reverting back to her biting days, but that has improved; however, last week she scratched an older boy because he had something she wanted. Oh Keifer, Keifer; what a drama girl you are. (*sigh*)

It was cute, though; Sunday evening, I was rocking/reading to Keifer while CJ was at softball, and I had to hold Kyla. It was so sweet when Kyla was thrashing her arms around, and her hand landed on Keifer's arm. I pointed this out to Keifer, and told her that Kyla loved her. Keifer was beaming, so excited, and said back to Kyla (in a baby voice): "ohhh,I love you, too, little cutie!" My heart was melting. I know it's tough to be the older sibling - as I was once the older sibling. My mom tells me the story of how one night I went into my brother's nursery (at age 2 1/2) and asked her "can't you bring that baby back?". So I know there is jealousy and misunderstandings galore going on in Keifer's 2 year old head. So we try and be patient, we really do.

Rocking her sissy - with mama reminding her "not too fast, not too hard!" LOL
Keifer dragged her chair over to Kyla and said "take our picture!" Ham girl.
Mama's girl (quite literally- as she is hanging off me all.the.time lately)
Kyla baby- not really too enthused about yet another picture of her but Sass tries to get into the action

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Eric, Cindy and Aidan said...

I could have written this post. Aidan is the SAME way. He does go to bed easily and actually does pretty good when I tell him I have leave him when I hear Ellia crying. He's all about kisses and hugs and loves her. But, the terrible 2s and the trying to get attention are driving us crazy. It's so hard not to get completely frustrated. Tonight was actually pretty good. I picked him up at daycare and I try to put him to bed each night so we can have mama/Aidan time. But, WOW, it's tough. So, I feel your pain.


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