Friday, August 28, 2009

Bumbo girl

I stuck Kyla in the Bumbo chair today- not knowing for sure if she could do it. She's a little tippy still-that neck control is still in development, but boy did she enjoy it! She immediately lit up with her huge, lopsided 1-dimple grin and cooed and giggled at mama. I can't wait until she is more steady and we can play with her while she sits up! She was just a little peanut not that long ago and already, it's almost Bumbo time! *sigh*

Just for fun- here is a flashback to our Keifer girl- she was 2 months old when we started her in the Bumbo- which is around where Kyla is developmentally, so I guess that makes them pretty even! What is so cute - Keifer had a crooked smile as well- only the opposite direction! I think you'll be able to tell they are siblings! Whaddya think? It is pretty clear to see, though, that Keifer was a monster girl at her age already- Kyla is so tiny looking! HA! We'll see how long that lasts!

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