Saturday, July 18, 2009

Play Date!

A week ago Friday, me and my girls packed up and headed across town to my good pal, Allison's house. She has 2 boys and is PG w/their 3rd boy. Keifer and Christian (boy #2) are 2 weeks apart. Keifer had a ball- all the way over she talked about "Jackson and Christian" and when we arrived, she was in hog heaven with their swing set and pool.
The kids swam and played, we enjoyed a lunch and then it was nap time- luckily Keifer continued to nap AFTER I had gotten home (she fell asleep within 4 minutes of our departure), and Kyla is an easy baby to tote around town at this particular age (as long as I have a bottle).

It was very sweet to see the 2 boys so dang interested in Kyla. They hear about how they will have a new baby very soon at their house, so Allison was very relieved to see them so loving and sweet (and gentle!) with Kyla girl. And of course, I got snap happy :)

Here are the boys, wondering just what this tiny creature in the car seat IS?

Keifer loves to swing!
The 3 pals in the pool
All 3 of the kids loved to dip their heads in the water and flip their head up
3 peas in a pod
Keifer ran around sans shirt and pants, shrieking "naked baby!" LOL
baby Kyla got in on the action, too
and of course, the line up: Christian, Jackson and Miss K1 holding her sissy
Christian got to hold the baby to his delight
and so did a THRILLED Jackson!

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