Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Lovely Miss Kyla

I sometimes feel like Kyla is getting the short end of the stick- I don't have many exciting stories to tell (which makes me feel like Knit Knots on Imagination Movers ((Keifer's absolute FAVORITE show ever these days))- as he doesn't like excitement, hee hee), so I am always blogging about how much we are doing and showing off our ACTIVE Keifer Lynn.

However, Kyla is a dream baby. She is a love bug. We are all so in love with her, and I've noticed that this time around, the dogs aren't flipping out at all by having her as the latest addition to our household (like they did with Keifer). In fact, Treble is often sniffing around for her in the pack -n-play, where we keep her Boppy seat (safe from 2 year old hands).

She is still in that newborn stage, even thought she's 2 months old tomorrow. She is eating every 2-3 hours still, and the MOST she's taken down at one time is 4 ounces. Otherwise, she often only gets 2 to 3 ounces and passes out. She also continues to be a 'sloppy eater, as her sucking is still very much like her newborn self. It's new to us to have this, as our Keifer girl was a tiny piglet who was already in 3-6 month clothes by this point. Miss Kyla is just beginning to fill out SOME of her 0-3 month clothes, and that is in length! She is still slender, although she does have the identical long torso like her big sissy, and is beginning to fill out in her cheeks.

CJ and I were looking at newborn pictures of Keifer last week, and it truly is amazing that although we used 2 different egg donors, we have two girls who look VERY much identical as newborns. However, I see more of a different face when Kyla makes different expressions.

We are finding that she is a fussy girl in the evenings: she whines to be held and fusses if we put her down. Of course, I'm trying to go to bed when Keifer goes to bed, around 8PM, so that I can do all these nighttime feedings for her, so it makes it difficult to do so when Kyla is fussing. But I know it will be short lived (hopefully!?). Kyla is also becoming more alert and aware of what is going around her. She is infatuated with the fan (as was big sissy, LOL), and she SMILED AT ME for the first time this week: an actual real smile- she looked at me, studied me, then broke into her little grin, complete with her dimple in her right cheek that warms my heart (as I have dimples!).

Here is our beautiful peanut. Our love bug. Our Kyla.
Ok, Kyla, I'll hug you! A lot!
Keifer is always asking : "can I hold her, mom? Can I?"
This lovey dovey look is truly Keifer when she's anywhere near Kyla!
I love this! It's like she's about to make a funny remark!
And, Kyla at my ECSE friend's house on Monday.


Nada in Australia said...

Looks like you have all being having fun and enjoying your summer! Your girls are beautiful Soupy.

Wendy and Karen said...

Sweet. wonderful post.

(And I hope you get a full night's sleep soon).


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