Friday, July 17, 2009

Go, Twins!

For Father's Day this year, Keifer, Kyla, and myself got daddy CJ a new MN Twins Tshirt and tickets to a Twins game. Sunday, July 12, we dropped Kyla off at Auntie & Uncle's house, and took Keifer to her first professional baseball game: go Twins!

We drove to the Light Rail loading point, and took the "Choo choo train" to the Metrodome, where our girl, running on no nap, proceeded to last 4 innings with no issues! We're hoping to take her again, hopefully having closer seats and maybe an actual nap, so we can stay longer!

Keifer enjoyed telling her friends at Ballroom the next day she went and saw "baseball " on the "choo choo". :)
Mama tried to explain to her that the boy on the "little brown circle" (the pitcher") was throwing the ball to the guy with the bat (which she understands, haven't seen a bat at Elaine's house) and the boy was trying to hit the ball and then run run run! When Punto hit a ball and ran to first, as he slid in,she turned to CJ and said "Dada, he fall down!" Other comments included "he throw it!". So sweet!

Keifer Lynn's heart really DOES belong to daddy!
The Soup Family, minus Kyla
Daddy going to catch the Light rail
Our light rail system
Keifer is thrilled to be on the "choo choo train"
Looking out at thing with Dada
Enjoying her first "Dome Dog"
So excited!
On daddy's shoulder's in the Plaza
On mama's lap
A tired girl leaving after 4 innings
Calling Uncle Corey after to tell him about the game (phone not real)

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The Fritz Facts said...

We love taking the kids to Twin's games. They always have such a good time. It will be sad not going to the done next year, that's the only place I have ever seen a game.

She did great for her first game! The first time we took Boo she passed out in the 2nd. lol


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