Wednesday, June 03, 2009

They took out the tube!

CJ just called to check on our girl throughout the night feedings. She took her ENTIRE bottle at 11Pm, 2AM and 5AM, so they doctor OK'ed for them to take out her ng tube! OMG! I'm so scared/nervous/excited right now! Talk about pressure to perform, now! She also took her whole bottle for me at 2PM yesterday afternoon!
Please, please, please keep praying- they are working! Our girl is certainly coming around the bend! My heart, my heart!

**EDITED at 9:20 AM**
I just called to check on our girl's 8AM feeding: she took about 45 cc's on her own. The nurse said now they want to see how much she takes minus the tube and if she gains weight- so c'mon, Kyla, girl. Mama is a nervous wreck now!


FinnLand said...

OMG!! That's GREAT news!!! I'm so happy for you guys. Way to go Kyla!

LutherLiz said...

Yay! This is such wonderful news. She'll be home and in your arms before you know it!

Marketing Mama said...

Such WONDERFUL news!!! :)

Jeni said...

Such great news! Hope she keeps packing on those ounces:)

Piccinigirl said...

YAY!!! C'mon Kyla! You can do it.
Little by little Carrie, she's getting there. She's be home before you know it!


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