Sunday, June 21, 2009

Keifer likes.....

* to talk. A lot. And sing. A lot. And dance. A lot. But you knew that. She talks and talks everywhere we go - in the car, in the grocery cart, on our walks, in our house. Talk talk talk. She talks until she drops (off to sleep). Literally.

*to shop. But you knew that too. The best thing in the world for her is either, Target, (she cheered "good job, mama" when I turned into the parking lot last week), or Cub Foods, where she can ride in the "car seat" (seat with steering wheels). Ahh,the joy of Cub foods. It's the simple things in life, no? (man, that cart is HEAVY and awkward to push!)

*the zoo. Ask her what she wants to do and she'll say "go to the zoo!". Mama was brave and even took both girls by herself this Wednesday to the zoo. Alone, yes. It was great! So much fun! Keifer made it so enjoyable with her enthusiasm.

*to be funny. She has the best sense of humor. We can tease her and she "gets" it. It makes us laugh and makes her laugh. I love it.

*she loves her sissy. I've said it before, but will say it again. Interesting that she will NOT allow my mom or any other person or child to touch me (even). Not even a hand holding with my mom (her Nana). Oh no, "MY mama!", she says, complete with a very intense scowl. However, I can touch and kiss CJ and I'm OK with Kyla. Apparently she understands the "Family unit" thing?

*she loves to make choices. I'm so used to giving her the choice of "this one or this one" that she has now started asking ME "this one, this one?". Hilarious. Every night she picks out her own PJ's in the drawer. Tonight, she told me as we climbed the stairs, "I wear my hot air balloons jams, mama, I NEED to!". What a riot. She "needs" to.

* to help. She is so proud getting the blanket or burp clothes for us. She will put the bottles sucked dry in the sink for us, and loves to stand over on "her chair" while we change Kyla or bathe her. Tonight, she was so upset when CJ took her off the chair while we waited 10 minutes to give Kyla her bath. She was so upset because she thought we weren't going to let her help. She needs to learn patience, huh? She also loves to help put laundry away -- ahh yes, the laundry. I found her stuffing her pile of clean clothes all in the top drawer of her dresser. Not the right spot, but hey, she wants to help!

*she loves to read her books. Yesterday, we organized/cleaned out her living room book bin. She was so excited with all the books spread out and spent an hour reading them and passing me books to read. "Mama, I read books" she told me, so proud of herself. And she does - she reads them out loud. They might not make sense, but they do to her. Lately, her favorite books to read repeatedly at bedtime include: Please, Puppy, Please (who knew Spike Lee was a children's book writer?), My Daddy Snores (because she knows HER OWN daddy snores and snores LOUDLY!), The Family Book, and of course, the old stand by, My Very Own Name book.

*I mentioned she has a great sense of humor. Tonight, I was watching the new (updated old) show Million Dollar Password, and I told her it was a "word show". She loved it. Whenever the audience clapped or the contestants screeched or waved their arms, she imitated them or clapped along. Too funny. Then, she asked me to put "her pillow" (a couch pillow) on my lap: she propped her feet up, and covered herself with the blanket. I said, "let's go to bed, Keifer". She said, "no, I seep (sleep) on the couch!", and then put her head back on the pillow, closed her eyes and pretended to snore! Ahh, what a riot!


Heather said...

Keifer is such a good girl and getting so big! Enjoy!

Piccinigirl said...

she is seriously gorgeous and smart and funny and amazing.

Keifer you are getting to be such a big girl!


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