Thursday, June 04, 2009

In the words of Keifer

Our girl exploring water color paints. She doesn't quite grasp the concept yet of "water, paint, paper",but she loved mixing the paint and water!
She loves to push our buttons and sit on the table: we tell her, "Get off the table, Mabel!" which she finds quite funny.

Ahh, Keifer Lynn, how we love thee. Our big sister has turned into a very moody 2 year old-complete with melt downs at the drop of a pin, and sweet-as-sugar kisses and hugs out of nowhere. I swear, if the child could crawl back into my womb lately, she would. She knows big changes- they are a'comin', but she doesn't really grasp just HOW BIG the changes will be. She will once Kyla Whitney joins us to complete our family unit AT HOME on Friday.

Lately, our drama girl has come to think that if Daddy touches her or pulls her away from doing something naughty, that this is cause for telling on HIM. She'll start crying, big crocodile tears, and tell me, "Keifer is very mad, daddy makes Keifer very mad" and sometimes (gasp) she'll even hit at her own head while doing this. Ouch. Then, she'll tell me "daddy hurt my arm" if daddy pulled her away from doing something. Um, no, miss, you don't even know what hurting your arm is. I tell you......

Yesterday, while picking her up from Elaine's house, she found a really large stick in the pile that Elaine was going to throw in the trash. She picked it up and started waving it around. I took it away, told her it wasn't safe, and she started (*you guessed it*) sobbing. She then turned to Elaine, and said, "I very sad, Elaine. Mama take my stick and I very sad". WOW. I'm very impressed my girl knows these emotions and is labeling them, but it is so hard not to laugh my arse off at her while she's doing it.

And the icing on the cake came tonight. Elaine had told me that at daycare today, Keifer wanted to take her shorts off, so she did. Well, tonight, she wanted to walk rather than ride in her stroller when we took the puppers for their annual nightly walk. As were crossing the street, my girl stopped, and out of nowhere, said to me, "Mama, take my pants off", and started pulling them down to her ankles! EGADS! I was laughing hysterically while trying to keep the dogs leashes away from her, keep them from pulling, and pulling up her shorts back to her waist. Oh, boy, the girl is a hoot! I had to try to explain to her that we keep our pants off when we're outside, and we take them off inside our house. I'm all for independence, just not in the middle of the neighborhood, in the middle of the road!

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