Friday, June 19, 2009

Happy One Month to Kyla

Starting the monthly pictures out, just like we did with Keifer Lynn!
What is this wiggly creature? Big sissy will have to teach me about it! *Poor Sager, so many babies to take care of*
Where is it going?

Dear Kyla Whitney:
Happy One Month old birthday. You really should've only been here, gracing us on Earth with your presence outside of mama's womb for 1 day- as your due date was June 18. And....mama's Csection was scheduled for June 11, so you would maybe be only a week old. But you decided to come into our lives a month early, and thank God you are a healthy and beautiful baby girl!

You spent your first 17 days in the Special Care Nursery, learning how to suck your bottles, so you could grow and gain weight. Thank God you learned how to do that, and much to our happiness, you are home with us: your family, including your fur siblings. Mama is extrememly happy, as she had a very difficult time leaving you every day at the hospital, even though the nurses were wonderful to you.

Your big sister adores you. I can't say it enough: she LOVES every little thing about you, including your cute little toes. I overheard/saw her playing "this little piggie" on your foot the other day, unbeknownst to us. It was so sweet. She calls you "honey" and "cutie" and loves to sing you songs and try to entertain you. The minute you make a squeak (and you are ONE squeaky baby!), Keifer will immediately let us know that you need a diaper change and bottle! She is the best big sister helper ever! We hope this love between you grows and grows each and every day.

Right now, you sleep in mama and daddy's room in a new bassinet. You have a tendency to scare us, as once we put you down, we can hear you fussing and fretting and eventually somehow (*!*) moving your entire body to the side so that your forehead can press against the side of the bassinet. It scares us to pieces, but we so far haven't had any emergencies with you pushing your face against the side. I wonder if that is how you were positioned in my womb? Mama has a very difficult time sleeping when you are awake: you are one noisy baby, just like Keifer was. You squeak and moan and talk and we wonder: will you be as chatty as Keifer as well? Hmmm. Once you are sleeping better through the night, we are going to move you into the nursery, which you're going to share with Keifer. We hope you two are able to sleep well together.

You are continuing to improve each day with your sucking skills, and are taking an entire 2 ounces (and sometimes a bit more) at every feeding. You are now sometimes demanding to be fed around 2 or 2 1/2 hours after your last feeding, which makes us so happy! We pray that you continue to grow big and strong so that you can keep up with our family!

We love you so much, sweet miracle baby girl. We are so thankful to the egg angel who was an anonymous woman this time. She gave us the gift of her eggs so that we could produce YOU: the second most beautiful baby in our lives!

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Wendy and Karen said...

Wow! One month already?

This is such a sweet and thoughtful post. I'm so glad that Keifer is such a good big sister.


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