Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Day 13

Little Kyla was up to 6 lbs, 4 ounces yesterday AM. She was eating about half her bottle for the nurses, and getting the ng tube for the rest. Mama drove for the first time- albeit very nervously! I did OK, though, and made sure I took it slow. The road construction and trucks all over the freeways did nothing to ease my mind, but I made it safely! Once I arrive at the hospital, I find myself rushing to get up to my little peanut as fast as I can, only to (usually) find her sleeping peacefully in her crib. Once I arrive, I always go straight to the Nursery's CD player and put in new music for the babies to enjoy. I want my girl to hear the beautiful music that will help her grow strong. :)

At her 11AM feeding yesterday, she drank 38ccs for mama before passing out, and at her 2PM feeding, she had 42ccs. She (again) started out strong and hard on the bottle, but then got sloppy before passing out. It's cute to watch her pass out (although I'm silently pushing her to eat more more more!)...her eyes start to roll into the REM sleep and then she starts smiling and laughing. Her nurse Rosemary commented to me yesterday that "Kylie" is one smiley little girl! (Just like big sissy was when SHE ate for me).

My friend Kris was so sweet-she drove down after her work AM was complete from Sartell to have lunch with me and meet Kyla. Unfortunately, she ran into road construction (it's everywhere, it's everywhere!) so she missed lunch (I had to eat, it was getting late) but she got to sit and visit with me and Kyla in the family lounge as I fed her, and then she held Kyla while she got the rest of her bottle supplemented to her. Thanks, Kris!

Once daddy CJ arrived, mama left her girl in good hands (cuddled next to Daddy) and I went and treated myself to a fresh pedicure with some leftover birthday money. My toes were atrocious and it felt SO good to just sit and read a book in that massaging chair, and relax while someone rubbed my feet. Ahhhh....bliss. I think I'll be scheduling a massage as soon as I can :)

I'm off to shower up and get up to Methodist to see how my little peanut is doing today. I'm feeling "better" today, as last night I was feeling more "down' again. This grief that ebbs and flows just sucks. I so wish my girl was here with me, sitting here sleeping beside me or with me as I do some errands. But for now, she's where she needs to be, getting the best care possible.

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