Monday, June 15, 2009

Dada's taking us to the zoo tomorrow...

We ventured out as a family unit of 4 this weekend- to the ZOO! (We love love love our new stroller! Heaven!)

Keifer has learned the art of posing: the head tilt!
The new African exhibit has ostriches: Keifer called them 'big ducks"
And you can FEED the giraffes (although we didn't this time, we will next time, we are season pass holders.....)
Of course, all trips need snack breaks!
Keifer really enjoyed her sno cone that daddy got her!


Jonathan and Tara said...

Ahhhh is that the Snappy Dresser tank? I had it and couldn't figure out which shorts to put it with so I returned it! Now I am kicking myself, it's so cute on K. I might have to rebuy it if it's still there after markdowns!

Gloria said...

hi carrie, the girls are just beautiful! i check your blog about once a week and i've been meaning to ask you about baby k ... was she born prematurely? I see that she weighed over 6lbs (i thought it was awesome) but that the drs are concerned about her weight and eating. surely i missed something here!?!?! i'm glad she's home and all is going well. you're an inspiration --to be hanging out at the zoo and having so much fun after childbirth!

Wendy and Karen said...

Lovin the family pictures. The head tilt, the shades, the sno cone---so awesome!

Jeni said...

Wow, a trip to the zoo already - I am impressed! And so jealous of the stroller, we have a Joovy caboose but I would definitely trade up:)

Peeveme said...

HEY! You have the double BOB Revolution. DROOOOL...I have the single...would love the double but can't justify the cost right now so I may go with something else...but I love the rotating wheel and don't seem to be able to find a cheap double jogger that has one.


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