Friday, April 03, 2009

What fun it is to read

I took this (+ 2 more clips) of K reading to herself as I was getting ready for us to go to church. Daddy was gone for the weekend at his "hockey games" (ask K and that's what she would tell you). Notice the lovely hair bands/headbands? Yes, she put two of them in herself and insisted I not touch them. *snicker*. Lovely.

She loves to read to herself. Loves it. Loves to sit in her chair and read out loud. She will occasionally NOT let daddy or I read to her before bedtime anymore, as she is a big girl who can do it herself.

Click HERE and HERE for more clips of our silly girl talking and reading. I think what is really cute is hearing her breathe so heavily as she is climbing in to the chair on the last one- it's hard work! :) But what makes me SAD, is seeing how long her legs are. She isn't a little baby anymore: she's turning into a big girl. *sniff*

1 comment:

kristine said...

Too cute. And again...with the headband.


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