Thursday, April 30, 2009


I love shopping deals. So when I received the $10 card in the mail from Kohl's to spend on anything in the store, of course I was excited!
But do I EVER spend it on myself anymore? Um, NOOOOOOOO!
I spent it on Keifer! And soon, Kyla!

I found this adorable spring jacket there today at lunch time on clearance. With the $10 card, and no tax in our state on clothing (YAY), I ended up spending $2.60 for this! YAY!
Last weekend, I scored this for her:

She already has it in the long sleeves, but with summer approaching, there will be no long sleeves in our house, with our little sweaty girl!
She also has this in her closet, thanks to Nana Dian (to match the butterfly bike shorts and butterfly socks of the same line):
Yes, I'm THAT mom who cannot wait for photo opportunities of Keifer holding her baby sissy in her arms.........and already daydreaming about their outfits! *sigh* Having two girls is going to be torture to my (and my mom's ) bank account

*I also found an adorable onsie for Kyla for only $3!! It's so hard to resist baby clothes!!! Ugg!*


Jonathan and Tara said...

I'm jealous- I really wanted to buy the butterfly Big Sister shirt for Bailey. Maybe if we ever get pregnant I can find it used... We have lots of the butterfly stuff and I am just in love with it- so cute! I can't wait to see K in it.

Tara @

kristine said...

I got that card too and went and used it up today before it expired. Graycen picked out a cute little Dora No-Spill bubble bucket. She sat and blew bubbles for Parker for a good couple of hours (off and on) today. So cute..

Nada in Australia said...

Nice bargains! How cute are those big sister t-shirts? Not long to go now!!!

Piccinigirl said...

soooo cute!!!!! I love a good sale and bargain. You're my hero!!!!


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